Pastas module

Written by xRappy

Wed Jul 01 2020

Commands regarding Miki's copypasta system.

Command and Syntax Description Usage
/pasta create <title> <content> Makes a copypasta. /pasta create "Veld" Best developer ever :smirk:
/pasta delete <name of pasta> Have you ever create an embarrassing pasta? Simply use this command to delete it. /pasta delete MyFacebookPassword
/pasta edit <name of pasta> <content> Have you ever misspell something while writing your own pasta? Simply use this command to edit it. /pasta edit MyFacebookPassword **********
/pasta hate <name of pasta> Downvote a pasta. /pasta hate memes
/pasta listhated <name of pasta> List of your downvoted pastas. /pasta listhated
/pasta info <name of pasta> Have you ever want to check out who created that cool pasta? :dark_sunglasses: Some pastas might be untrackable because of an accidental reset or how old the pasta is. /pasta info PastaCommands
/pasta love <name of pasta> Upvote a pasta. /pasta love VeldSugarDaddy
/pasta listloved <name of pasta> List of your upvoted pastas. /pasta listloved
/pasta mypasta <page> Lists the pastas you created. /pasta mypasta
/pasta <name> Uses a copypasta. /pasta haha
/pasta search <keyword> Searches a copypasta from the database. /searchpasta dank_meme

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