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Miki's permission system

The core of using Miki’s many features is giving her commands; with that comes permission to be able to use her commands. There are three types of things you can do with the permissions functionality: allow, deny and reset. There’s four levels of permissions that you can utilize: guild (server), channel, role and individual user.

Using MiScript to create custom commands

Mi(ki)Script is Miki's custom command language, specifically written to make it easy to use custom commands. In this guide we will show you how to get started with MiScript.

How to use Miki in your language

Miki is such a diverse bot and with diversity comes different languages. Localization, changing something to be more like your local area such as language, allows the diverse users of Miki to enjoy her services in 26 languages! With the help of the community of users, this has been made possible.

Grow your community with Miki through level ups, experience, currency, and rewards


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