Guild accounts module

Written by xRappy

Wed Jul 01 2020

Guild-related commands.

Command and Syntax Description Usage
/weekly You get mekos for the week based on your guild's house. /weekly
/guild bank [arguments] Displays information for the guild bank. You can also deposit mekos to the guild bank. /guild bank deposit 1000000 /guild bank balance
/guild config expneeded <value> Set local xp requirement in order to use /guild weekly /guild config expneeded 200
/guild config visible <yes/no> Set whether guild should be displayed in /guild top if possible /guild config visible yes, /guild config visible no
/guild house Displays what tier your guild is. /guild house
/guild profile Profile of your guild /guild profile
/guild upgrade Upgrade your guild to increase your /weekly multiplier. Consumes mekos from /guild bank /guild upgrade

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