General module

Written by xRappy

Wed Jul 01 2020

This module contains most of the commands, mainly those people that would like to have in every server belongs here.

Command and Syntax Description Usage
/avatar [User] Displays your avatar or the another user's avatar. /avatar, /avatar @xRappy
/calc <expression> Helps you calculate a certain mathematical expression /calc (6+2)*3
/changelog Shows what changed last Miki patch /changelog
/donate Donate command will provide you donation info /donate
/help [command] Help command gives you list of modules along with its respective commands that you have permission to use. /help
/info Shows info about the bot /info
/invite Miki will Direct Message you a bot invitation link. /invite
/ping Shows Miki's ping to the server. /ping
/stats Displays statistics about Miki's runtime /stats

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