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Miki Premium

Unlock your full potential by unlocking all of Miki’s features!

What to expect

Double your income

Gain double rewards on every daily!

Free prisms every day

Get free prisms every day you check in with Miki

Reroll your cards

Reroll your cards in the card game for free

A token of our appreciation

Gain an achievement that shows you actively support Miki

Bonus experience

Gain 20% more experience on all skills

Make Miki your own

Get 10x more resources for your custom commands

No disturbances ever again

Remove all ads from the Miki website and dashboard

Feature Breakdown

Daily rewards1x2x
Prisms per day050
Card rerolls
Card pull cooldown10m7m 30s
Custom Commands
Max instructions per command

How many instructions you can use in a single custom command

Max amount of complexity

How deep you can nest instructions in a single custom command

Max memory per command

Total amount of bytes stored per command

Max stored variables

Total amount of shared variables you can store

RPG Features
Base crafting slots34
Experience modifier100%120%

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