How to use Miki in your language

Written by Advocatus, Veld

Sun Feb 23 2020

Miki is such a diverse bot and with diversity comes different languages. Localization, changing something to be more like your local area such as language, allows the diverse users of Miki to enjoy her services in 26 languages! With the help of the community of users, this has been made possible. The languages available are: Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Malaysian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Estonian, Swedish, Tagalog, Ukranian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional.

There’s two really important things to know about Miki’s language feature before you dive into it and explore the options it has to offer. Firstly, while anyone on the server can view the language options available, only those with permission to can actually change the language that Miki will operate in. Secondly, the languages are translated with a team of volunteers, and not all languages are completely done , this means you might come across some text that is still in the English language despite selecting a different one for Miki.

With that out of the way, it’s not expected for you to be able to always remember the languages that Miki can serve you in. After all, there could be new languages added over time that you might not even know about! A language is referred to as [locale] for Miki and anyone can see the listing of the locales available. Simply utilize the /locale list command and Miki will display the languages available, as shown below.

Any of those languages are selectable by Miki and she will operate in that language for you as much as possible. Once the decision has been made for which language she will work in, there’s a simple command to implement the change. The command is /locale set and simply typing the name of the language you wish to select for the channel you are using. This means you can have a Miki using different languages in different channels. The command looks like so:

Just like so, and now Miki will operate in Hungarian to the fullest capacity possible. As an example, let’s try to marry someone.

It looks like we are already married to this user and Miki has informed us of the mistake in Hungarian. Perfect! Miki is saying everything possible in Hungarian, just like we told her to do! But, as you can see, the actual name of the Miki command is always in English.

If you’re interested in helping translate Miki further in the languages available, or wish to expand her horizons with new languages for her, please feel free to join the translation volunteer team. The link to the translation website is: here and to join the official Miki Translation team discussion channel and for a special Translator role, please join the Miki Support server and contact a member of the server staff.

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