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Use miki's powerful leveling system to create a healthy and active community with a goal in mind.

Use Miki to make a level system. Your way.

Miki is here to give you the tools to really do what you think is best for your Discord Server.


Miki gives you experience based on your activity in a Discord Server. You can use this to reward your most active members!

an image showing how being active gives you experience in a chat
an image showing you a level up notification

Level up notifications

Take full control in how and what your level up messages say or what the messages look like.


Miki automatically keeps track of all your members' experience, currency, and love points. You can use the leaderboards to see who is on top right now!

an image showing you the leaderboard system

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"An all-in-one bot for your server!"

Miki offers a wide variety of cool features! Ranging from fun features to management features. An all-in-one bot for your server! I have added the Miki bot in my server a while ago, and I have not been dissatisfied with it. Very organized command lists and solid optimization.

Egirl Paradise

Egirl Paradise

Discord Community

"She's great for small and large servers"

Miki helps keep the flow of conversations going with her wide variety of fun commands in our server. She's great for small and large servers alike, providing both entertainment and utility!

Kongregation on Discord


Discord Community

"Miki is one of the ultimate utility and fun bots we've seen"

With so many customizations and commands, Miki is one of the ultimate utility and fun bots we've seen. And trust me, we've gone through plenty!



Youtube Channel

"A first choice to us, but a necessity for any server"

Miki's good for just about anything! From entertainment to utility commands, she's not only been a first choice to us, but a necessity for any server! My best friend and I initially grew close over Miki's gambling commands!



Discord User

"Our server was losing its foundation until Miki came"

Our server was losing its foundation until Miki came aboard, the community was united with all of its unique features and brought new friendships all-around!

Kibii TV

Kibii TV

Web Service

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