How to Fish Using Miki!

Fri Oct 13 2023


  • Commands you'll want to know
  • Pre-requisites
  • Getting started with fishing using Miki
  • Biomes? Fish rarity? What's that?
  • What do I do with my fish?

Commands you'll want to know

Command and Syntax Description Usage
/fish Catch fish with your fishing rod. You can sell them later! /fish
/collection fishing View all your fishing-related collected items. /collection fishing
/guild info Check cool information about your server and its users! /guild info
/shop buy Wanna see what Miki has for sale for you? Buy it here. /shop buy
/shop sell Sell your valuables for Mekos! /shop sell


In order to fish using Miki, you will want at least 500 Mekos. Missing the necessary Mekos? Try using the /daily command for some free Mekos.

Getting started with fishing using Miki

First, to get started with fishing using Miki, you will need a fishing rod. To start you off, a basic fishing rod will do. In order to get your fishing rod, you'll want to use the command /shop buy and select "Basic Fishing Rod" for 500 Mekos. Congratulations, you are now ready to start fishing using Miki! To begin your fishing journey, use the command /fish. Depending on your luck and server biome, you will catch a random fish. This is what you'll initially see when using the /fish command. Get ready to click the highlighted "Reel in" button! Assuming all of the above steps were executed properly, congratulations on successfully catching fish! Be mindful that even fish need a break! Between each /fish attempt, there is an 8-minute cooldown. Attempting to use the command while on cooldown will give you an error!

Biomes? Fish rarity? What's that?

Let's start with biomes. Whenever Miki is invited to a new guild (a.k.a. servers), that server is assigned a random biome out of six possible choices:

  • Mountain
  • Forest
  • Tropical
  • Sky
  • Plains
  • Volcanic

You can check your server's assigned biome by using the /guild info command.

The type of fish you get using the /fish command is dependent on the biome of your server. If you want to check your collection of fish, you can use the command /collection fishing and then using the dropdown menu, pick which biome's collection you want to see.

This is the initial prompt you'll see when using the command. Collection progress will differ. Select a biome to check that biome's fish collection! Once selected, Miki will display the fish you've seen for that biome. As you can see, there are three tiers of rarity for fish:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare

Try your luck and see what you get!

What do I do with my fish?

Once you catch a new type of fish, it will be registered in your collection automatically. One of the things you can do with your caught fish is if you're running low on Mekos, you can sell the fish you caught using /shop sell. Even after a fish is sold, it will stay registered in your collection!

Using the dropdown, select an item from your inventory you wish to sell. Once selected, the "Sell" button will become highlighted and Miki will offer you a certain amount of Mekos for your item. If you're certain about wanting to sell that item, go ahead and click the blue "Sell" button. Ta-da, you've just made some Mekos for fishing!

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