How to Start With Expeditions!

Wed Oct 18 2023


  • Commands you'll want to know
  • First thing's first: cards
  • Expeditions 101
  • Supplying your expeditions

Commands you'll want to know

Command and Syntax Description Usage
/cards pull Pull a card from Miki's large collection of cards! /cards pull
/cards mine View your collection of cards. /cards mine
/cards party new Create a party using your cards! /cards party new (name) (member1) (member2) (member3) (member4)
/expeditions new Send a new party on an expedition. /expeditions new (expedition) (party)
/craft cook Prepare ingredients or make a delicious dish. /craft cook
/craft status Check on your active crafting jobs. /craft status
/expeditions status Check on your expeditions! /expeditions status
/expeditions supply Send supplies to your expedition party. /expeditions supply

First thing's first: cards

To start with expeditions, you first need a minimum of 4 cards to form an expedition party. Run the command /cards pull to pull a random card based on Miki's pool of cards.

Keep in mind that each card pull has a 10-minute cooldown.

To check which cards you have, use the /cards mine command. This will bring up a paginated list to show you all your cards. Once you have 4 cards, you are now ready to form your first expedition party!

To get started, type in the command /cards party new. This command will require 4 inputs before you can run the command.

For each of the arguments:

  • name: Input your party name.
  • member1: Input your first member of your party.
  • member2: Input your second member of your party.
  • member3: Input your third member of your party.
  • member4: Input your fourth member of your party.

This is the party we'll use to start our first expedition.

For more information on cards, please check the guide here (coming soon).

Expeditions 101

Expeditions are a way for you to get new loot using parties formed by your cards. These rewards can be anything from new crafting materials to card borders and more.

Using the party we formed with our cards, you can form a temporary expedition party using the command /expeditions new.

For each of the arguments:

  • expedition: Choose one of the areas to send your party to. Different areas will yield different rewards.
  • party: Select which party to send out.

If done correctly, your command should look something like this: Once sent, your expedition party will return in 3 hours with some shiny new loot!

Supplying your expeditions

If you want to maximize the loot your expedition parties get, you will definitely want to start supplying your expeditions. To supply your expeditions, you need food. To start off supplying your expeditions early on, one of the simplest ways to start supplying your expeditions is by using something like fish. Unsure where to obtain fish? Check out our fishing guide! Using the command /craft cook, we can select the "Cooked Fish" option in the "Select a recipe to craft" menu.

Once selected, the menu should look something like such. Press the blue "Craft" button, and in 1 minute, you will have your cooked fish!

In order to check on the status of your fish, run the command /craft status. This will bring up a menu which will show you how long you have left until you can claim your fish.

Once the box turns green with a checkmark, you may click the button to claim your fish!

Using this Cooked Fish, you are now able to supply your expedition with some food. Run the /expeditions supply command, and in the "Select items to send" dropdown menu, select your newly Cooked Fish.

A piece of Cooked Fish will only supply your expedition with 3% supplies. Cooked Fish is certainly not the most efficient way to supply your expeditions, but early on, it certainly is one of the easiest ways to provide your expeditions with a small amount of supplies.

This process may be repeated with the same item or different items to provide even more supplies to your expedition party. Remember, the more you supply, the more you get out of your expedition! Supplying your expedition to 100% will provide you with rare drops, and supplying your expedition from 90-99% will result in more common drops.

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