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Wed Jul 01 2020

Accounts is one big module that keeps track of anything related to your account.


Leaderboards returns the top 12 global users based on selected command switches:

/leaderboards <page number> - returns top global users sorted by the amount of Exp they have. /leaderboards local <page number> - returns top users in your server sorted by the amount of Exp they have. /leaderboards mekos <page number> - returns top global users sorted by the amount of Mekos they have. /leaderboards commands <page number> - returns top global users sorted by the number of commands they have used. /leaderboards rep <page number> - returns top global users sorted by the number of rep they have.


Profile shows all information about your account:

/profile - shows your profile /profile <@user> - shows the mentioned person's profile /profile <user ID> - shows the profile of the person with that user ID


Backgrounds are what you see in your /exp profile card.

/background list - See what backgrounds you own /background buy <number> - Buy that background ID. /background set <number> - Set your background to that background ID.

Database Commands

Database-related command:

/syncname - If your username isn't the same as the one in the database, do this.

Money Commands

Commands that involve the use of mekos:

/daily - gives you a daily reward of 100 mekos (23 hour cooldown with 20 mekos more per day of streak (40 for donators)). /give @user <amount> - gives mekos to another person. /mekos or /bal - checks your balance. /mekos @user or /bal @user - check another person's balance.

Other Commands

Commands that aren't in any category but it is in the Accounts module:

/rep <@user> - Give someone reputation points. You can give 3 reputation points per day, and they reset at 12AM in GMT (UK Time).



Granting experience

Whenever a player messages, Miki grants experience based on a few factors including time of the message. If the message is sent swiftly after another, Miki won't grant any experience.

Checking for achievements

If a player messages something that is in relation to an achievement, the bot will grant the player the achievement. For the list of achievements, check them here achievements In addition, you can type /achievements to see what achievements you have. Furthermore, you can do /achievements @user or /achievements [user Id] to see other people's achievements.

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