Donator module

Written by xRappy

Wed Jul 01 2020

Donator-only commands

Command and Syntax Description Usage
/donator box <text> [@user/image attachment] Typical box meme /donator box Most Hated Admins @Rappy
/donator disability [@user] Not all disabilities look like this... /donator disability /donator disability @Rappy
/donator redeemkey <key> Redeem a donator key /donator redeemkey a4832bh-a8s09f99a0-4928c76aec876ca
/donator sellkey <key> Sell a donator key for 30,000 mekos. Sometimes you have excess donator keys that you can't seem to get rid off. /donator sellkey a4832bh-a8s09f99a0-4928c76aec876ca
/donator tohru <text> Displays Tohru meme with text /donator tohru Whoever wrote the Miki wiki sucks
/donator trapcard [@user] Displays a yugioh meme with your avatar or someone else's /donator trapcard, trapcard @xRappy
/donator truth <text> Displays a New Game meme with some text /donator truth Miki best bot

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