All of Miki's Commands

Here you can find extended information about all of Miki's commands!



Displays the list of achievements of a user


Displays backgrounds you own for '/exp'


Buy a background for '/exp'


Claim your daily mekos. Consecutive claims will result in bonus rewards


Displays an image profile of experience


Give mekos to users


Displays the leaderboards


Displays mekos of a user


Displays general profile of a user


Give reputation points to users



The act of asking


The act of biting


The act of feeding cake


The act of cuddling


The act of glaring


The act of high-fiving


The act of hugging


The act of kissing


The act of licking


The act of patting


The act of poking


The act of punching


The act of slapping



Bans an user from the server


Clean Miki's messages


Kicks an user from the server


Prune messages based on arguments


Softbans an user from the server


/anime search

Displays list of anime based on name

/anime searchcharacter

Displays list of characters based on name

/anime searchmanga

Displays list of manga based on name

/anime info

Displays top result of anime search

/anime characterinfo

Displays top result of character search

/anime mangainfo

Displays top result of manga search


/donator box

Displays the box meme

/donator disability

Displays the disability meme

/donator redeemkey

Redeem a donator key for donator status

/donator sellkey

Sell an extra donator key for 30,000 mekos

/donator tohru

Displays the Tohru meme

/donator trapcard

Displays the Trap Card meme

/donator truth

Displays the Cold Hard Truth meme



Push your luck by asking Miki specific questions


Posts an image of a bird


Posts cat pictures in your server


Posts an image of a dog


Posts a gif from Imgur


Posts an image from Imgur


Let Miki pick your life choices by giving her a list of things to pick from


Show reddit posts per subreddit


Let Miki remind you of things


Miki rolls a dice for you!


Posts a safe image from Safebooru


Check your compatibility with someone



Play a game of blackjack against Miki


Play a game of connect 4 against your friends, or against Miki


Flip a coin to win mekos!


Play a game of poker with up to 8 people at a time


Play rock papers scissors against Miki!


Play the slot machine with Miki!


Play in a globally shared stake to win big money


/osu ctb

Shows your osu! catch the beat statistics!

/osu mania

Shows your osu! mania statistics!

/osu standard

Shows your osu! standard statistics!

/osu taiko

Shows your osu! taiko statistics!



Don't want to lose your current avatar while you swap to a new one? Use this command!


Solve math with Miki's technical calculator


Support this magnificent bot! We really need all the help to stay alive!


Shows information about the current Discord server


Shows general help of commands


Shows general info about Miki


Gets an invite for Miki


Gets ping information from Miki


Get a link to Miki's low-level statistics


Define a word based on UrbanDictionary


Displays information of a user, such as creation date

Guild Accounts

/guild bank

Displays information for the bank of your guild. Mekos in the bank can be used to upgrade your guild

/guild config

Set up your guild the way you'd like it to function

/guild house

Displays information of how upgraded your guild is

/guild profile

Displays information about your guild

/guild upgrade

Upgrade your guild to increase your '/guildweekly' rewards


If you are winning against your rival, you get mekos for the week


/marriage accept

Accept a marriage proposal

/marriage buyslot

Buy an extra marriage slot using mekos

/marriage cancel

Cancel a marriage proposal you sent

/marriage decline

Decline a marriage proposal sent by an user

/marriage divorce

Divorce someone you are married to


Send a proposal to a specific person

/marriage showproposals

Shows the proposals you sent and received


/pasta create

Creates a new pasta

/pasta delete

Deletes a pasta if you created it

/pasta edit

Edits a pasta you created

/pasta listhated

Displays list of pastas you hate

/pasta hate

Hate a pasta

/pasta info

Displays information of pasta, such as creation date

/pasta listloved

Displays list of pastas you like

/pasta love

Like a pasta

/pasta listmine

Displays all the pasta you created


Displays content of an existing pasta

/pasta search

Search pasta based on term



Display a confused reaction image


Display a crying reaction image


Display a lewd reaction image


Display a pouting reaction image


Display a smug reaction image


Display a staring reaction image

Role Management


Give yourself roles from '/iamlist'


List of self-assignable roles


Deassign a role from yourself


Configurates a role for the server


Configurates a category of roles


/locale list

Displays the list of all available languages


Configurate Miki notifications for the server

/locale set

Change the language of the bot to your preference

/prefix set

Change the prefix for the server

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