Feeling generous?

Miki is a bot that is rapidly expanding and to maintain a bot this big the team has to take a lot of time from life and focus on improving Miki for you to enjoy.


Miki uses Patreon as her main source of funding to be able to stay up, functional, and to pay artists, freelancers and designers to keep the platform as high quality as it could possibly be.

Extra commands

As an active donator you will get access to our more process-expensive commands. These are mostly commands that require on-the-go image manipulation, or multiple requests to external services we can not monitor.

Doubled daily rewards

While you donate to Miki, your daily rewards (+ streaks) will be doubled! This means that instead of 100 mekos, you gain 200. If your streak then would be 20 days, you would make 1,000 mekos that day instead of 500!

A special achievement

Show off your patronage by showing off your cool donator profile badge! Use it to impress your friends!


Not a fan of commitment? No worries, we also support one-time donations with Ko-fi! You get instant rewards if you include your Discord user ID at the end of your message! A fair warning though, you'll be missing out on a handful of features by using Ko-fi.

No donator chat access

As a one-time only donator, you won't get access to the Patreon chat.

No patreon timeline access

New polls, interesting bits and posts are made on Patreon every now and then. You'll be missing out on these too.